Guide on Converting MP4 to DVD with Movavi Video Converter

26 Jul

Converting your MP4 videos into the DVD format which allows you to play these videos from your DVD disk. Once you have burned your MP4 videos to a DVD, then you can insert the disk into the DVD player and able to watch it on your television. You require a video converter software, such as Movavi Video Converter for converting the MP4 videos into a DVD format.

If you already download the Movavi video converter, then you should it from the official Movavi site. After downloading the software, launch it. You must click on the Add Media Button to load all your MP4 videos. If your MP4 videos are on the desktop, then you can drag them into the open space. It will take only a minute to load your MP4 video into the software.

The Movavi MP4 to the DVD converter lets you know the quality of the output video so you can get the idea of the quality of video. The Movavi Video Converter includes the Movavi Video Editor. Just click on the Edit which will open the Movavi video editor where you can easily edit the video files.

The video offers the full range of video editing tools like splitting videos and scissor for trimming, rotating and adding the text to video. The Audio track can be featured in your video with the use if video editor. You can also merge the multiple video files which are related to one other in the video editor.

For the every opened video file, you will see the thumbnail of the video to the left. You can also preview the opened video files in the video converter software by clicking the play button. On the top of the video thumb, you will see the length of the video.

Download the converter and follow the step by step guide.

Install the DVD converter

Download the DVD converter from the Movavi site and introduce it. It is easy to use software for the PC or the MAC supports more than 180 file format, so you can go beyond just converting MP4, AVI, or WMV to DVD and the vice versa to resize your video and perform the basic editing task.

Choose a File for Conversion

Launch the Movavi converter and click on the Add Media button on the upper left corner and then Add video. Choose one or the multiple files to convert it to DVD.

Choose a Format

To choose an output format and click on the video tab, open the DVD compatible video category and select the preset. The DVD converter empowers you to encode the video in both NTSC and PAL benchmarks, which have the diverse determination, the cutting edge players more often than not bolster the two configurations.

Convert your File to DVD

Click on the folder icon and choose the destination for converting the video. The converted videos may be the larger than the original, so make sure you  have the enough free hard disk space.

 Finally, click to convert and just wait until the conversation is complete. If the file is large, then the process can take the several minutes.

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