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The list of “The Five HUAWEI SMARTPHONES TO BUY IN 2017”, is here for you. Have an eye on them.


Here is a complete list of the best and “The Five HUAWEI SMARTPHONES TO BUY IN 2017”. Full specification plan is also there with their names. Have a look.

Huawei P10 plus:

Huawei P10 Plus is one of the best and new additions to the Huawei family that has the most exciting features. The 5.5inches screen will give you the best result in watching HD movies on your smartphone. The rear camera of 12 + 20 Mega Pixel Summilux will help you to capture exciting scenes of nature. In addition to this, the Android version that is in this phone is latest in the market, and it is nougat. The wide screen resolution of 2560 X 1440 will allow you to watch all the videos with high and full resolution. It is also includedn in the list of The Five HUAWEI SMARTPHONES TO BUY IN 2017.

Huawei P10:

Huawei P10 is also another great addition to Huawei smartphone. It has the best and great memory of 4GB with a powerful processor of Kirin 960. The best thing that makes it best in the market is significant battery timing. Battery timing is one of the biggest problems with all the smartphones, but you don’t have to worry in this case. Micro SD storage will allow you to get extra storage space from the external source. The fingerprint sensor is also present in this phone that is best for privacy purpose. The front camera of 8 MP will do the best job for you in photoshop use.

Honor 8:

The honor eight Android Huawei phone is also on the list of The Five HUAWEI SMARTPHONES TO BUY IN 2017. The screen size of 5.2 inches will give the best results in watching high-quality videos on the big screen. Marshmallow Android is also there in the software that is one of the latest version of Android. The rear camera of 12 MP will capture all the scenes in the autofocus mode. You can also change the patterns from setting the bar. The fingerprint sensor, fast charging, blue light filter and the gesture controls are some of the best and most prominent features of this Huawei 8.

Honor 8 pro:

The perfect smartphone that is available at the affordable price is here for you. You have to read the complete specifications in order to understand better about this smartphone. The 5.7 inches with a screen resolution of 2560 X 1440 will give you best results for the display. The fast processor of Kirin 960 will make your smartphone like the dragon. You can enjoy high-quality selfies with 12 MP camera. Android 7.0 is also there in the software for the best and fastest results.

Huawei P9:

Another best smartphone from Android family is here for you. It has the most exciting feature of battery life and the camera. 4G LTE is also supported on this new smartphone. It has the screen resolution of 1920 X 1080. If I could say, this smartphone is the best from others; then it will be right. Make selfies with 8 MP front and 12 rear cameras.  

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