How to Download & Install Windows 8.1 Blue on Your PC

07 Jul

“Windows 8” is the best operating system so far, it is released by Microsoft. Since we all like changes so here come the most amazing gift by Microsoft which is installing Windows 8.1 Public Preview. This addition of windows has given a name as ‘blue’, it is very easy to download you just need to download windows 8.1 and install it on your PC. It comes with various amazing features like new applications, revamped search, amazing start menu and the most important fast shut down and turn on features. Here in this article you can get complete knowledge about installing windows 8.1. But this edition of windows is not a complete one it is just a preview of this windows you will not get benefit of each option for these benefit you need to install the complete version. 

Download Windows 8.1 Blue ISO

If you are already having windows 8 in your PC then you just need to update your version from windows 8 to windows 8.1. For this you just need to open windows store and let your windows 8 get updated itself. But we don’t prefer this method because it makes some problems, so there is a method which is described here.

So if you want to download windows 8.1 you just need to go at downloading page and start downloading by saving ISO file on computer. When the downloading is completed you just need to burn the downloaded file on DVD for this you need to have DVD burning software. The size of file will be about 4GB so you need to have a fast internet connection and size can also very as per the language selection. Here is some easy steps which can be followed for installing windows 8.1 on PC.

How to Install Windows 8.1 Blue on Your PC

Firstly enter the disk which you have created by above method, and then boot the disk by setting the book priority CD/DVD Drive. This is exactly similar to the method while we install normal windows.

After that the set up of Windows 8.1 blue will get started and you will see the progress over screen.

After this you will select the language and time zone and then click on next, these are some very easy steps.

After that you will find a button ‘Install Now’ clicks on it!!

After that the window will ask for key, for the preview version the key is present on the Microsoft website. The Windows 8.1 Product Key for the preview version is shown here


After entering the key which is provided above press the enter button.

Accept all the terms and condition which are shown on screen and proceed on.

After that it will ask for the type of installation select custom installation over there.

After that select the drive where you want to install your windows 8.1 blue.

After that window8.1 blue will get installed and computer will automatically restarted.

Now you are ready to work on the latest windows congratulations!!


This is all about how to install windows 8.1 blue, very easy steps to be followed, this is an amazing window and you can say the latest one with lots of advancements and features. If you have any query about windows 8.1 or any other windows OS you can post your comment here. Windows 8.1 blue product key is available on website for free.

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