How To Use Whatsapp For Business

06 Jul

Whatsapp is a social messaging service which is popular worldwide. Whatsapp is used by all the Smartphone users in the world. Especially in countries like US, UK, INDIA. Whatsapp was incorporated by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2007. Later it started as Whatsapp and sounds WhatsApp from 2009. In 2009 Whatsapp started its failure story and till 2011 the usage of Whatsapp started and slowly it become popular with many users. As the population of the world is increasing, the usage of Smartphone’s and the internet is also increasing. According to the usage of internet, the mobile networking providers are giving very useful offers for the internet. So internet using also become easy and many people are using Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and all other social networking websites. These are very familiar to the people for their personal and business needs. Whatsapp is a wonderful application where communication between people is very easy. Till 2013, 400 million active users use the service each month.

Use Whatsapp Call for Business- Whatsapp is used for the business purpose in multiple ways. People around us will think that business is a thing which can be done only by meetings and go to different places and all. In this way, whatsapp is used for a business purpose in many ways.

1) Communication with the customers

    In WhatsApp, people will communicate with the many people who are active on social networking sites. The business requirements and the customer needs will be explained to the customers in detail. All the business people will be very free to be in communicating with the customers.

2) Customer Support

    Business support will be mainly concentrated on customer support. Any business company must follow the rules as the customer support. When any product is released then its customer support must be followed. When a customer has any support after purchase then they will feel the exactly satisfied customer and they will be our good customers.

3) Product promotion and Marketing

      Product promotion is nothing but taking the product near to the customer and making them understand the details of the product and if the customer is not satisfied then they will add the requirements in the next version and will release an updated version. The same way the marketing advertisements and promotional advertisements are shared among the groups and individual accounts of WhatsApp so that the customer will know every tiny detail easily.

4) Feedback

  Product feedback and customer product feedback will be done as per the detail of the customer needs. When a customer I satisfied then they will automatically give feedback to the provided numbers of the product. Here the feedback is very valuable to the companies as they will be working on the feedback messages and ratings and will give a better support to the customer.

5) Usage of Internal groups for business

  Nowadays WhatsApp groups are very popular and using them are very easy and user-friendly so that they are some basic business promotion requirements. Giving information about flash sales, promotional sales, clearance sale in the groups for a better communication. This business interaction plays a vital role if we want a better business result in these days.

Whatsapp is an application which will be supporting Android, Ios, windows Smartphones and Other Smart devices. These business promotions will be useful for easy and effective business results. But using the Whatsapp by many people and their preventive technology knowledge is important here. So usage of WhatsApp in business purpose is very important nowadays.

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